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Patronize the establishments and organizations that  help to provide meals for those who might not eat today.

The condition and health of its resources are paramount to the production of food


HELP THE HUNGRY. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone, everywhere, had enough to eat?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone, everywhere, had enough to eat?

Food For All People is about those of us who enjoy dining out, socializing and a satisfactory quality of life. It is also about those of our neighbors who struggle with basic necessities each and every day.

If you have a choice to dine at a great restaurant, or another great restaurant that gives a portion of your bill toward helping the hungry, which would you choose? What about shopping for a gift? Or food?

If we simply switch brands, or favor retailers and restaurants that provide healthy options or contribute a portion of our money to services that help the needy, and we make the choice to participate in activities sponsored by organizations committed to the fight against hunger, the only difference we will feel is a greater sense of gratification because we are also doing good.

Our mission is simple: Live Well. Protect the Earth. Help the Hungry.

Small steps toward the common good lead to bigger steps. Together, we can partner to impact the lives of our neighbors, our communities, the nation, and ultimately, promote large-scale change. We will all win. In the words of humanitarian Margaret Mead: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Food For All People is the #1 resource for local farmers’ markets, green rooftops, community gardens. soup kitchens, celebrations of master chefs where partial proceeds go to food banks, and saving money by learning how to preserve the produce we purchase. We feature events that you won’t want to miss, and keep you up to date on news that can affect us all.

Please join us in our efforts to uplift those who are in need of a compassionate hand.



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