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If you have a choice to dine at a great restaurant, or another great restaurant that gives a portion of your bill toward helping the hungry, which would you choose? What about shopping for a gift? Or food?

You might consider the unique gift of a wild animal for a friend.  A polar bear, mountain lion, gray wolf  and even an elf are just some examples of what the Sierra Club offers for adoption.  Think of your friend’s satisfaction knowing that he/she is helping America’s vulnerable wildlife long after other gifts have been opened, or used up, or even discarded.  $39.00 buys alot, including an adoption certificate and letter of recognition.


LaurenBushFEED’s mission is to create products that help FEED the world. We do this through the sale of FEED bags, accessories, and apparel by building a set donation into the cost of each product. Thus the impact of each product, signified by a stenciled number, is understandable, tangible, and meaningful.


Imagine There’s No Hunger.  In the words of Yoko Ono Lennon:  “This is a beautiful step towards world peace. By Imagining There’s No Hunger, like what John sang in his song, we express our strong desire to bring a world in which children will never again suffer from hunger or poverty. Let’s come together and help spread this message around the world.”imaginelogo

$2 can feed a child for a day – $5 can feed a child for a week
$10 can start a family garden – $20 can start a school garden



If you could help solve food insecurity in America by simply rounding up your restaurant tab to the next dollar, wouldn’t you? Ask Andra Tosca, founder of SPARE, a new smartphone APP designed to do just that, simply by capturing a picture of your receipt. Each donation, always no more than  99 cents, is sent to a food organization in support of the hungry,

CheekyCheeky brings high-end design to boring paper plates and for every purchase of a specially-marked Cheeky item at Target, Cheeky will donate one meal to Feeding America, For the 11/1/2014-11/1/2015 program year, they are committed to donating a minimum of $150,000 to Americans facing hunger.

Ikea inspires and enables millions of people to live more sustainable life at home by offering sustainable and energy saving solutions. See more about Ikea’s “People and Planet Positive Strategy.”  Sales in 2014 exceeded $1 billion.

WholeFoodsWhole Foods Market NYC just donated over $98,000 to support our Healthy Neighborhoods program! City Harvest joined Whole Foods at the bread breaking ceremony for their newUpperEastSide location, and all of their New York City stores donated 5% of the day’s sales to City Harvest in celebration of the opening.

Target ProductTarget, one of the largest retailers in the US, is doubling down their investment in organic and sustainable products.  Their initiative called Made to Matter has included an exclusive collection of 16 brands and over 100 individual products that were introduced last year, ranging from bleach-free diapers to nonaerosol air fresheners.  Check them out here…

Annie'sIf it’s not real, it’s not Annie’s. That’s why every ingredient we use to make our food is chosen with care. The farmers who grow our ingredients are just as passionate about quality and sustainability as we are, and we value the people and places that help our product travel from farm to fork. We make it our responsibility to take on important issues–such as supporting organic practices and honest labeling – so you can be sure that the products you buy from Annie’s are as authentic as possible. Read more about our real ingredient philosophy and practice below.

What is #Not62?    A recent study monitoring the health of all 62 counties in New York State ranked Bronx County last: 62 of 62 .  Determined to improve future health outcomes, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. has launched #Not62, asking the community to embrace a healthy lifestyle and to raise awareness of positive health behaviors. Following is my response:
–  Barbara Tallelrman, founder of Food For All People and Bronx Mall.

Master Chef Tom Colicchio was interviewed on TV  talking about the new show he now hosts on MSNBC as this networks first-ever food correspondent.

This is certainly not verbatim, but here’s the gist of what I heard him say: Picture a young boy waiting for the school bus. He’s tired because he
didn’t have a meal last night and therefore didn’t sleep well. Now he’s on his way to school. And he’s expected to “think.” How can he think when
he’s tired and hungry? If he’s unable to think, how can he learn? If he can’t sleep, eat or learn, how will he be healthy?

Master Chef Mario Batali was quoted as saying to his peers: “We all make our living from creating food and it is a tragedy that there are so many who cannot afford to eat. I invite all my fellow chefs to participate in Time Out For Hunger and to participate with me in the single most important cause there is in our industry right now, making sure there is sufficient food and resources so that families can eat – Today, tomorrow and every day until there is no more hunger in our city.”

If this describes a large population of Bronx families, it can explain why we’re #62. One possible remedy to get more food to the food banks and
pantries: Switch brands if necessary, to support those who support our neighbors in need by patronizing their businesses and volunteering for their cause.

City Harvest rCityHarvestRestaurantGuideelies on the partnership and generosity of the food industry to help us fight hunger in New York City. The chefs and restaurants included in the 2015 edition of Great Food, Good Hearts donate some of the city’s best food, and help raise funds and awareness for our fight against hunger. Plus, this year’s edition includes informative tips from of the city’s best chefs, all in the form of tweets! We hope the 2015 guide will serve as a helpful resource when you consider places to dine around New York City.

Request your complimentary guide today and support restaurants that fight hunger in New York City. Email restaurantguide@cityharvest.org with your name and mailing address, and a guide will be mailed to you for free. Interested in more than one guide? Let us know how many guides you would like in your email and we will arrange shipping with you. Thank you for your support and bon appétit!

GirlDiningYour contribution will allow another family to be fed.

jambaLOGOFrom May 1 – 31, 2015 donate to Food Bank NYC with your purchase at any Manhattan Jamba Juice location and receive a coupon book with special donor-only offers.

Patagonia2When Patagonia started down the “Sustainable Road” in 1988, they couldn’t stop. Believing that business—and human—success in the next 100 years will have to come from working with nature rather than using it up, they created $20 Million & Change, an internal fund to help like-minded responsible start-up companies bring about positive benefit to the environment  This company believes that giving back at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental activism is not charity, it is part of the cost of doing business. If you don’t already shop at Patagonia, you may want to after this fascinating read:  Environmental & Social Initiatives 2014.

Greenmarket Cookbook

Read the reviews. This might be the perfect gift.

Eileen Fisher2Eileen Fisher recently announced a bold new 5-year plan to achieve 100% sustainability in all its practices. VISION2020 pledges that by 2020 all its cotton and linen will be organic and all of its wool will come from sheep that are humanely raised on sustainable farms. By the same year, 30% of its product will be bluesign® certified for responsible chemical, water, and energy usage at their global dyehouses. They also plan to invest in more alternative energy and cut its reliance on air shipping, so that by 2020 all of its U.S. operations will be not just carbon neutral—but carbon positive. In addition, the company commits to improving the livelihoods of workers in its supply chain. Read more…


ADVERTISE WITH US WE’ll HELP YOU GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT. 20% will go to the food charity of your choice.LET US KNOW Do you know of other products for a food-related cause. We’ll add them here as well.

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