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compostNYBGThe NYC Compost Project in the Bronx provides compost outreach and education to Bronx community gardeners, schools, residents, organizations, and businesses. The NYC Compost Project is funded and managed by the Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling, part of New York City’s Department of Sanitation.


Did you know that you will have more friends if people know you recycle?


PepsiCo Recycling is working to help increase the U.S. beverage container recycling rate to 50% by 2018. We believe that bigger change starts with one bottle, with one person, with one action. It’s these small actions that bring us closer to the complete reuse of materials essential to creating healthy, thriving and vibrant communities. See how you can get involved with PepsiCo and your community to make the world a better, more sustainable place for everyone.



IkeaIkea inspires and enables millions of people to live more sustainable life at home by offering sustainable and energy saving solutions.  See more about Ikea’s “People and Planet Positive Strategy.”  Sales in 2014 exceeded $1 billion.

City TreesThe Power of Trees: Trees not only improve air quality and help slow climate change, but they–along with green spaces and plants–can help reduce flooding by absorbing rain water and preventing it from collecting and pooling on concrete surfaces.

TreesCount! 2015 needs your help! This year, NYC Parks is counting and mapping all the beautiful street trees that grace our city, and we need your help.  Sign up to be a volunteer and play a key role in the future of our urban forest.  Yes, help us count our street trees!

eco floating homeDesigned for self-sufficient living, this floating solar-powered home is 98% recyclable.


polarbear187Earth Day…Every Day. The  Huffington Post gives us 12 lovable reasons why we need to protect the earth. 

E-Waste: You will now be fined $100 for improperly disposing of electronics. Read more about the changes to the rules here, and find an e-waste recycling event in your neighborhood to properly dispose of your electronics.

Beginning July 1, 2015 food service establishments, stores and manufacturers may not possess, sell, or offer for use single service Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam articles or polystyrene loose fill packaging, such as “packing peanuts” in New York City. It has been determined that these products are not recyclable and cause real environmental harm.  Read more about Mayor de Blasio’s administration decision here…  FYI: Pizza boxes are recyclable! Just remove food-soiled paper & food scraps. Part of NYC Organics Collection? It all goes in the brown bin!

Recycling Web Site: The Bronx chapter of offers an online bulletin board to donate items to other borough residents. Participants may post items they want to donate or items they seek.

If you don’t already shop at Patagonia, you may want to after this fascinating read:  Environmental & Social Initiatives 2014.

The NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation combines environmental education, sportsman education and outdoor fun at their four Summer Camps. Read all about it here… Camper registration began January 21, 2015.


ADVERTISE WITH US WE’ll HELP YOU GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT. 20% will go to the food charity of your choice.LET US KNOW Do you know of an eco-friendly business, organization or person? We’d love to know about the work they’re doing to Protect the Earth.

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