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Executive Master Gardeners Tanya Brown USDA-FSA (right) and Lee Cliburn USDA-AMS pick okra from the USDA People’s Garden.
Photo by Annie Ceccarini, USDA.


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Here are 10 Leaders Who are Reshaping the Environmental Movement, acording to to Kate Sheppard for the Huffington Post: Environmentalism has changed quite a bit in the last 10 years. From the emergence of climate change as the catalyzing issue of the 21st century to fights over the Keystone XL pipeline to the growing diversity of green groups, the environmental movement of today hardly looks like the one of yesterday. Here are 10 leaders who are reshaping our ideas about what it means to fight for the environment today, and who are worth watching in the future:

takeaction2015Ask your members of Congress to protect Anti-hunger Programs! Ask him/her to visit a food bank! Feeding America asks for your help by calling Congress, the best way for legislators to understand this essential issue of
hunger in your community and throughout America. Calling is easy.

It’s interesting to see how  Food Policy Action promotes positive food policies through education and publication of the National Food Policy Scorecard. See how your NYS politicians stand on the issues of supporting healthy diets, improving food access and upholding the rights and dignity of farm workers.

Stop-the-Dark-Act2Congress is gearing up to re-introduce the DARK Act, and we’re gathering forces to fight back for our right to know what’s in our food. Sign up to join our movement in support of GMO labeling.       


RespectEarthLearn It, Grow It, Eat It! is helping teens make the connection between the environment, food, and health. GrowNYC offers hands-on nutrition and horticulture classes on how to grow vegetables but most  importantly they are growing teenagers – giving them skills. Read More


“What began with community gardens has grown into a movement. Urban farming has a positive impact in neighborhoods with limited access to produce, and it is on the rise in cities across the United States. Here are seven (of many) African Americans taking the lead in the field of urban agriculture.” Of the 7 farmers, two are from The Bronx.  If you don’t know them, here they are:  Karen Washington, Co-founder of La Familia Verde and co-founder of Black Urban Growers, and Tanya Fields, Executive director of the BLK ProjeK.  Read more…

Mother Theresa1

Teachers change lives. Plant by plant, classroom by classroom, Green Bronx Machine is improving outcomes and changing destinies. Bronx educator Stephen Ritz  classroom featured the first edible wall in the NYC DOE which routinely generates enough produce to feed 450 students healthy meals and trains the youngest nationally certified workforce in America.  Stephen was a top 10 finalist for the Global Teacher Prize, the Nobel Prize of teaching and received more than the funding he asked to help build the National Health and Wellness Center at PS 55 in the South Bronx; an innovative and engaging wonderland where students and teachers can grow their way and work towards a brighter future.

FeedBag2FEED helps feed the  world, one purchase at a  time. FEED Projects has donated 7.5 million meals. Buy a gift and provide meals for a family in need.

More socially-conscious organizations that give back here

Walmart’s Fight Hunger. Spark Change Campaign distributes $3.7 million in donations to help fight U.S. hunger, selecting 50 Feeding America Food Banks to each receive $60,000. Walmart teamed up with six of the nation’s largest food companies for the campaign – General Mills, Unilever, Hormel, ConAgra Foods, PepsiCo/Quaker and Kellogg Company.


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