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National Farmers Week Stamps

During 2014 National Farmers Market Week, commemorative stamps were introduced by the US Postal Service. Watch the video | Purchase here


Locally Grown FoodThe James Beard Foundation and Food Tank developed the first annual Good Food Org Guide,” which highlights non-profit organizations that are doing exemplary work in the U.S. in the areas of food and agriculture, nutrition and health, hunger and obesity, and food justice.

The vision of the Guide is to focus attention on the organizations who are working in fields, kitchens, classrooms, laboratories, businesses, town halls, and Congress to create a better food system.

They ask that you let them know if there any
other organizations that deserve to be listed.

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Danielle Nierenberg, President of Food Tank: Food Think Tank, contributes to HuffPost GREEN: “On Thanksgiving we express gratitude for the abundance on our holiday tables, but rarely do we thank the people who grew, harvested, and processed that food.” Read more about “What We Can Learn From Family Farmers in the United States.”

Debra EschmeyerDebra Eschmeyer, FoodCorps co-founder has been selected to replace Sam Kass at the White House in the role of Executive Director of Let’s Move and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy.  According to First Lady Michelle Obama, “From classrooms and gardens to kitchens and farms, Deb has made learning about nutrition fun and accessible for kids across the country. I am thrilled that she will be continuing this important work here at the White House.”

Expect a marketing blitz for fruits and vegetables from the White House.  “If folks are going to pour money into marketing for unhealthy foods,” said First Lady Michelle Obama at a summit of the Partnership for a Healthier America, “then let’s fight back with ads for healthy foods.”  She has enlisted some star power to convince teens and moms to join the campaign.

Return the Service After their careers in the  Marine Corps, Vets Denise and Mark Beyers found a new life on the farm.

Bill Ayres, Co-founder and Executive Director of WhyHunger has written an important article for HuffPost IMPACT, which details Ten Ways to End Hunger: ‘…In order to create lasting change, we need to further the conversation and advocate for solutions that address the root causes of hunger and poverty.’ “

Walmart’s Fight Hunger. Spark Change. Campaign distributed $3.7 million in donations to help fight U.S. hunger, selecting 50 Feeding America Food Banks to each receive $60,000. Walmart teamed up with six of the nation’s largest food companies for the campaign – General Mills, Unilever, Hormel, ConAgra Foods, PepsiCo/Quaker and Kellogg Company. Here are the winners…



How A Cast Of Dancing Superhero Vegetables Are Changing The Way Kids Eat – For The Better “Supersprowtz”. Now, a new clique of colorful puppets, called Super Sprowtz, are on the scene with a similar but more specific mission: To make vegetables cool. Read the complete article here… Enjoy the Video below:


Fight for Sustainable Food Engulfs U.S. Campuses
The fight for sustainability in agriculture and food production is one of the great fronts in the battle for a truly sustainable future. It’s easy to see the corporate control, reliance on fossil fuels, and grand industrial scale of the U.S. food system and wonder whether food sustainability will ever be possible.
Read more


Unilever launched projectSunlight to help turn the tables on childhood hunger. They share many stories about how, “When it comes to lending a helping hand to the hungry, having partners is key,” and “One Teen’s Mission to End Hunger.”
See these stories and more

Build sustainable food systems with Project Bread

projectbreadProject Bread collaborates with others to build a robust regional food system. All aspects of food production and distribution exist within the food system, and all of us have a seat at the table. Projects like food rescue, double value coupons at farmers markets, subsidized CSA shares, farm to school and urban agriculture boost community food security and well being.

U.S.D.A. to Start Program to Support Local and Organic Farming
Excerpted from The New York Times by Stephanie Strom, September 26, 2014

“The United States Department of Agriculture plans to announce Monday that it will spend $52 million to support local and regional food systems like farmers’ markets and food hubs and to spur research on organic farming.

“The local food movement has been one of the fastest growing segments of the business, as consumers seek to know more about where, how and by whom their food is grown.

“But local farmers still struggle to market their food…”     Read more…

We find it interesting that rarely does a former elected politician continue his/her service to the nation rather than jump into the private sector of big business.  Here’s a story, though, that may combine both:  Former Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick is indeed joining the banking and investment world.  He is, in fact, joining the $80 Billion firm, Bain Capital (the founder of which is Mitt Romney).  His position, however, is what makes it unique.  Mr. Patrick will help give Bain its first foothold in the growing field of “social impact” investing, tackling social problems such as hunger and climate change with for-profit investments.  We wish him well in what can certainly be the “best of both worlds,” and what our website is all about:  Living Well and Doing Good.


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